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"You're not at the edge of the cliff, you've fallen off it."

"You're not at the edge of the cliff, you've fallen off it."

...said a concerned friend of my feelings of burnout. Good friends hold up a mirror and show us truths. And she was right.

For months I had been tolerating feelings of discomfort in my body, held most notably in my shoulders and lower body. Besides feeling physically drained, my mental space was also shrinking, making regular everyday tasks that were once easy, slow and difficult.

Soon, sometime in September, I was unable to show up for work at the studio.

A year of growth.

A year of growth.

2021 has been a year of growth.

We have dressed many wonderful women, collaborated with fellow small businesses and made new connections. I bootstrap so much around here and follow an unconventional path for a local fashion brand, so some milestones this year, like the Straits Times feature still hasn't quite sunk in.

And even as preparations were made within our small ecosystem of artisans and tailors to sufficiently provide for physical retail opportunities, the cup soon overflowed. Add the pandemic to this equation and I was brewing the perfect burnout storm.

Pacing ourselves.

Pacing ourselves.

Some years ago when Gypsied was very green, I wrote about the link between intention and conscious fashion. That is our reason raison d'etre. Now I will add one more value to stand by though — to operate at our own pace. In a world that continuously wants things better, faster, different, we will take our time. 

While we do have launches coming up for the holiday season, I am relishing in rest and the slow life for awhile more.

Ultimately, a conscious and sustainable brand begins with a healthy team — mentally, emotionally and physically.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our part-timers and design intern who have come in this year to steer the ship together with me and taking over when I needed to rest.

See you soon.

With love,

Aqilah, Founder