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Spirited and sophisticated, our apparel are designed to complement life. They carry meaningful narratives from the archipelago, merging the significance of the region's heritage and age old textile methods seamlessly with the nuances of modern living. 

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In batik, motifs can have dual meanings. To the Javanese the word bata, or bricks, displays the importance of building a foundation, and to the Chinese traders who arrived on the shores of West Java some six centuries ago, it was a symbol of prosperity. 

When we discovered the Bata motif, our artisan partners shared a beautiful excerpt. “Ini motif bata, beri makna kalau kita bersama-sama, bisa saling menguatkan seperti bangunan rumah.”

Translation: “This motif is called bata. It means if we stay together (as a community), it strengthens us, like building a home.”

That struck a chord inside us. For the first time, we designed a collection based on our classics — the Open Jacket, Crop Jacket and Poet Blouse. 

Bata, the foundation of all things.

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Batik Bucket Bag | Saujana-Singapore ethical designer Gypsied

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Batik and handwoven textiles and fashion accessories from Singapore ethical designer Gypsied


Textiles have been a medium of expression for centuries. They are used as a reflection of socio-cultural conditions of its time, as a marker of milestones or simply to be worn and kept for generations. 

This has not changed today. We present you one-of-a-kind remarkable art — to do with it as you desire, in your very own expression. 
Batik and handwoven textiles and fashion accessories from Singapore ethical designer Gypsied



The creative scene in Singapore has blossomed over the years. Today there are no shortage of Singaporeans braving unchartered paths in different artistic mediums. We hope our collaborations tell the stories of a new wave of Singaporeans and their tenacity to create a seat for themselves at the proverbial table. We rise by lifting each other. 
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