Less Products, More Thought

Less Products, More Thought

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Each year we set new goals and seek to do more, building on the achievements of previous years. The questions that usually come to mind are:

Do we want to focus on designing more products? Increase the number of collections? How about improving our current designs? And why not explore more textiles?

Over the last couple of years, we have practiced making products in small quantities. This is due in part to the nature of the textiles themselves. Unlike machine printed fabric, only a few metres of traditional textile can be produced at any one time by artisans. This thus shifts our focus from volume to quality. We zoom in on the technique of the textile, the dyes used, the significance of the patterns as well as the origin and skill of the artisan.

Limiting? Maybe. Seems to go completely against the grain of a business. Fortunately, this challenge has resulted in an exploration of a slower and more mindful approach to making things. In a world of fast consumerism coupled with instant gratification, Gypsied's process is shaped with the value of the textile in mind, resulting in products that are enduring and ever-lasting.

So this is how we do it: we start with a story. And the one we enjoy telling most is that of the textiles. This year we can hope for no more than Gypsied to continue being a medium to record, tell stories of Asia and maintain the integrity of its textiles through the products we create. 

Less products, more thought.

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