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Gypsied is a slow fashion label from Singapore. Our next shop update is happening in July. Stay tuned for new dresses, tops and bags ūüĆŅ

The Journal

Canvasses of Limitless Imagination

Not too long ago in 1950s Singapore, batik was considered a valuable commodity that could be pawned. Since¬†batik holds so much significance and meaning from its ‚ÄĒ this should not come as¬†a surprise, yet¬†it is. Read an anecdote based on a true story of our founder's grandmother.

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Nusantara Calling

Inspired by¬†a romantic notion of the old Southeast Asian archipelago,¬†we desire to create fresh stories from a forgotten era ‚ÄĒ lush, idyllic and fascinating.
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Behind The First Gypsied Dress


Three years on, we have gained enough momentum to design and produce our first apparel. Ethically made, our hope is that these pieces will last with you for years to come.


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