On Persistence

On Persistence

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A setback was just around the corner as Gypsied turned five in May. Our artisan partner with whom we built a long relationship disappeared into thin air—along with all of our batik. I had two choices then: to give up and let go, or to overcome and keep going.

The hiatus forced me to reflect on the time spent with Gypsied over the last five years. On a journey like this, it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose. My motivations with Gypsied started out pure and simple: searching for an identity. Where is my place in this world? Am I defined by my race? Are my stories connected to my ancestors? How are we all connected to each other? How do I tell these stories without words?

Along the way, I found traditional Asian textiles to be the vessels of history filled with the stories that I have been looking for. Stories with universal lessons and values of hope, faith, love and community. How textiles are made is proof that there is more that binds us than that separates us.

Seeking meaning in life and provenance is universal and I hope to still do it through this form of expression for years to come. 

The Sido Asih batik motif is a symbol of hope and growth.

The parang batik motif continues to be a symbol of strength and protection.

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