The Making of the Saujana Collection

The Making of the Saujana Collection

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This has been one of the most challenging batik pieces we've worked with. We were first taken by the batik's unique colours which reminded us of sunrise on the horizon — yellows and blues merging to form a stunning display of nature.

Largely different from repeated geometrical patterns, flora and fauna motifs require a different perspective. As the motifs were also larger than usual, our designs had to accommodate the artistic expression of each butterfly, honouring its full glory. 

This gave us the opportunity to expand our repertoire of designs to include more bags such as the bucket and crossbody. 

The Saujana Bucket Bag, $209.90

Taking a leaf from historically iconic designs, the bucket bag for instance has roots in the sailor’s duffle, meant to store necessities for long voyages. True to its origin story, our bucket design fits plenty with its generous space. A leather base and corner accents keep the bag sturdy and upright while inner compartments help keep your essentials within reach. 

The Saujana Crossbody Bag, $139.90

Butterflies are a universal symbol of rebirth and with this in mind, Saujana meaning 'in the vast distance, as far as the eyes can see' is a rendition of all our hopes and ambitions for 2020. 

View the full Saujana collection of bags and clutches here.

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