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The Journal

What will the new decade bring?

With the word sustainability becoming a buzzword in the last few years and into the new decade, sometimes I can’t help but feel that we are being watched closely for the choices we make in terms of the textiles we create with, the artisans we work with or the designs we put out each year.

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Vancouver-based author Syahidah Ismail talks about her debut novel, women stories and the invisible pull of home

"Women’s stories are important to me. I did Women’s Studies in university, followed by work at a non-profit focusing on media literacy, youth work and women’s issues. Therefore so much of Saltwater Spirits is about the stories of women. And how often do you get to read about South East Asian women? Essentially, Saltwater Spirits is told through the eyes of a Malay woman, Norma."

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Canvasses of Limitless Imagination

Not too long ago in 1950s Singapore, batik was considered a valuable commodity that could be pawned. Since batik holds so much significance and meaning from its — this should not come as a surprise, yet it is. Read an anecdote based on a true story of our founder's grandmother.

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Nusantara Calling

Inspired by a romantic notion of the old Southeast Asian archipelago, we desire to create fresh stories from a forgotten era — lush, idyllic and fascinating.
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To Mum, With Love

Mums don't let their kids stray too far. Maybe in distance but never at heart. A silent compass guiding for life. 

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Setting Intentions

We like to start the year with intent. While resolutions can be hard to keep up with, setting intentions have a more permanent impact on our lives. 

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