Every batik tells a story. Dive into our world and discover the symbolism behind our most popular in-house batik motifs.


Tumbuh is our first in-house motif, featuring two signature Javanese batik motifs, the Banji and Megamendung, combined into one stunning canvas.

Drawing from tales of folklore and community, the story of Tumbuh was conceived from the idea of triumph as a result of faithfully laying foundations, rain or shine, brick by brick.

in the making

Using a blend of traditional and modern day techniques, our batik is skillfully crafted by artisans in Java on certified sustainable fabrics such as OEKO-TEX® cotton and TENCEL™.


Asmara is the art of romance. With this motif, we found ourselves examining life from a different lens than usual—the joyful, the adventurous, the quirky. Embracing the parts of ourselves that make us, us.

Wearable silhouettes for today's women.

The age old parang motif that signifies strength and protection is softened with florals in the Asmara motif. Combined with silhouettes that depict contemporary simplicity and functionality.