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Studio Gypsied

Kesuma I

$189.00 SGD
This is a fine example of flora motifs in batik work. Flowers, leaves and vines are depicted throughout this batik piece commonly called taman or a garden. The fine hand drawn detail of each petal and leaf is true testament to the artisan’s level of craftsmanship. Kesuma, meaning blooming flowers is expressed on a dark brown base and light coloured motifs, making it a versatile batik that can be used across apparel or home decor.

This is a fully hand drawn piece by master artisans. All colours are natural dyes derived from leaves, barks and roots found in the archipelago such as indigo, sogan, jalawe and jackfruit. Only one piece available.

Other things you should know
Comes gift ready and packaged in our custom gift box and tissue.
Textile measures  approximately 2.4m x 1m.
Base of batik is primissima cotton, with a thread count of 100% cotton.
Textile is drawn and dyed by batik artisans, minor inconsistencies are to be expected. However this is what makes each piece unique.

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