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Studio Gypsied

Cenderawasih, The Magical

$279.00 SGD

In the easternmost province of the Indonesian archipelago lies an untouched and thriving island full of magical flora and fauna called Papua. Here too lies Cenderawasih (the Bird of Paradise), a species native to this idyllic island. 

It was once thought to be a mythical animal from the heavens for its unspeakable beauty and colour, with majestic feathers in colours that can only be found in nature — an ombre of blues, yellows, reds and greens. Here, the bird is given a Javanese spin in naturally dyed sogan brown and indigo with vines and flowers in between. Eight birds – drawn with careful detail and precision – fill the entire span of this batik. This is one for the ages.

Time taken to make: 2 months

Other things you should know
Exclusive, only one piece available.
Comes gift ready and packaged in our custom gift box and tissue.
Textile measures 2.4m x 1m.
Base of batik is primissima cotton, with a thread count of 100% cotton.
Textile is drawn and dyed by batik artisans, minor inconsistencies are to be expected. However this is what makes each piece unique.

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