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Pre-Order Updates

The pre-order process takes between 6-8 weeks from when pre-orders open, and is divided into three stages: Crafting the batik > Tailoring > You

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Batik Open Jacket | SukmaClosed
All shipped

Week of 26 Sep
Batik Open Jacket | Taman SariClosed
All shipped
Week of 15 Aug
Batik Crop Jacket | Taman SariClosedAll shipped
Week of 15 Aug
Batik Open Jacket | KembaraClosedAll shippedWeek of 26 Sep
Batik Crop Top | LestariClosedTailoring (Delayed)Jan '23
Batik Wrap Blouse | LestariClosedAll shippedEnd Oct
Batik Drawstring Culottes | LestariClosedAll shippedWeek of 26 Sep
Batik Kaftan Dress | DesaClosedTailoringJan '23
Batik Poet Blouse | KaryaClosedTailoringEnd Dec
Batik Poet Blouse | AgungClosedTailoringEnd Dec