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About Us

  • Our Story

    Gypsied is a conscious label from Singapore transforming heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle. We explore the intersection of culture and identity in modern times, breathing new life into batik and handwoven textiles in our designs.

    Each product we make embodies a positive new narrative for today’s women — conscious, thoughtful and open to new experiences.

    Since 2013, we have discovered and worked with communities in Southeast Asia where textiles continue to be a vital form of expression and textile-making a way of life. These are guardians of tradition who support the region's collective heritage.

    Together with our values of ethical production, we hope to change the portrayal of artisanship and craftsmanship from preservation to one of prominence.

  • Our Founder

    I'm Aqilah Zailan. I stumbled upon my present path by pure accident at age 23. Born in Singapore, I come from a confusing line of ancestors of Javanese-Malay-Siamese origin. Starting with a great grandmother from South Thailand and her husband who hailed from Central Java, there is little to no family tree and limited ways of tracing it. After hearing anecdotes of my grandmother's insistence on wearing batik and kebaya daily in a Singapore that (at that time) was increasingly modernising, I reached out to traditional textiles to find the answers I seek, a process that has seen me wearing batik since the age of 14. The answers always seem just out of reach.

    Discovering heritage textiles, telling their stories, and meeting the women who make them are the biggest components of what we do. The best part about this journey has been the artisans we meet, and creating for you. I believe in designing timeless pieces that honour the messages contained in these textiles.

    Together with high quality workmanship, I hope what you acquire may be enjoyed for many years to come. Beyond just you, I hope your children, nieces, nephews, god-daughters and sons will someday inherit them and carry your stories close to their hearts.