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In batik, motifs can have dual meanings. To the Javanese the word bata, or bricks, displays the importance of building a foundation, and to the Chinese traders who arrived on the shores of West Java some six centuries ago, it was a symbol of prosperity. 

When we discovered the Bata motif, our artisan partners shared a beautiful excerpt. “Ini motif bata, beri makna kalau kita bersama-sama, bisa saling menguatkan seperti bangunan rumah.”

Translation: “This motif is called bata. It means if we stay together (as a community), it strengthens us, like building a home.”

That struck a chord inside us. For the first time, we designed a collection based on our classics — the Open Jacket, Crop Jacket and Poet Blouse. 

Bata, the foundation of all things.