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Perada Loop Necklace
Perada Loop Necklace
Perada Loop Necklace

Perada Loop Necklace

$17.90 SGD

Black gilded with gold — the Perada Necklace is definitely on the cards as a go-to accessory when you are looking for simple elegance.

Each necklace comes with a drawstring bag for storage and makes a great gift too. 

We are all about versatility and our batik necklaces make it easy to experiment with different looks. Minimal and lightweight, loop it or knot it as you wish. View more possible styles on our blog

The Batik used for this necklace is a fair trade & artisanal hand drawn piece. Read more about our process here.

Other things you should know

Measures approximately 40 inches long
Placement of prints are unique to each necklace, no two are the same
Ships from Singapore

Free shipping within Singapore
Free international shipping for orders $80 and above