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A Batik Gift for Mum
A Batik Gift for Mum
A Batik Gift for Mum
A Batik Gift for Mum
A Batik Gift for Mum
A Batik Gift for Mum

Studio Gypsied

A Batik Gift for Mum

$139.90 SGD

Mums possess a quiet strength that is only visible when you sit down long enough to look. Gracefully navigating life’s storms seem to be second nature to her, so much so it becomes easy to forget that along with the title of mother, she is in fact her own person with hopes and dreams.

 'A Batik Gift for Mum' draws similarities between these untold stories — stories of hope, strength and love — and the hidden symbolism behind batik patterns. Here are Mother's Day gifts that stand the test of time. 
Art Piece
Watercolour artist Atie Jaafar expresses motherhood using bright shades of yellow, red and pink together with grounding hues of brown and orange. The artwork features all over floral watercolour painting with truntum motifs decorating the top border as a symbol of love and patience and vibrant orchids and hibiscus framing the rest of the space. There is no love like your love celebrates mum's brand of love, one like no other. This is an exclusively commissioned art piece that comes in an A6 frame.

Choose between the Sutra Wristlet or Irama Wristlet

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