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Our Partners

Together We Are Stronger

Gypsied is not possible without our partners. Besides supporting artisans and their craft, we believe fair trade, choosing to work with partners who embody the same values. Guided by these principles, we aspire to nurture a community that is conscious of provenance and shops ethically. 


Weaving generations, culture and beauty 

Based out of Ubud, Tradisi has an eye for the best textiles in Indonesia. They aim to promote Indonesia’s craft and improve lives with various social projects, sponsoring weaving looms and offering free health examinations for indigenous textile communities living below the poverty line.


Naturally dyed & hand drawn batik

Women have been the backbone of Indonesia’s batik industry. Kebon Indah is an all-women cooperative focusing on the art of hand drawn batik using natural dyes. While the cooperative is newly established, its artisans have years of experience behind them, having come from generations of batik makers.