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| Nu. san. ta. ra | is a word that conjures images of old Southeast Asia, and synonymous with the cultures found in the region. This section highlights the diverse lives, work and endeavours of women from this archipelago, reflecting the zeitgeist of our times.

Crit Talk: Enough room for everyone

Dec 19, 2020 

Sya Taha and Nabilah Syed Sultan are the driving force behind Crit Talk, a safe space for alternative views in the Muslim community.

AKAR: The root of all things

Nov 28, 2020 

AKAR is Singapore's first printed publication on stories and histories of Southeast Asia. This is the journey from page to print through the eyes of founders Zafirah Zein and Nursheila Muez.

Vancouver-based author Syahidah Ismail talks about her debut novel and the invisible pull of home

Dec 22, 2019 

"Women’s stories are important to me. So much of Saltwater Spirits is about the stories of women. And how often do you get to read about South East Asian women?"