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About The Founder

Batik and handwoven textiles and fashion accessories from Singapore ethical designer Gypsied

Hi, I'm Aqilah. I stumbled upon my present path by pure accident at age 23. Born in Singapore, I come from a confusing line of ancestors of Siamese-Javanese origin. Starting with a grandmother from Patani (who I never met) and a war survivor Javanese grandfather from Johor Bahru, there is little to no family tree and limited methods of tracing my lineage. After hearing anecdotes of my grandmother's insistence on wearing batik and kebaya daily in a city that (at that time) was increasingly modernising, I reached out to traditional textiles to find the answers I seek, though they always seem just out of reach.

Discovering heritage textiles, their stories, and the women who make them are the biggest component of what we do at Gypsied. The collective heritage of the South East Asian archipelago are in the hands of these artisans and we want these stories to live on forever. 

The best part of this journey has been the artisans we meet and creating for you. I believe in designing timeless pieces that honour the messages contained in these textiles. Together with high quality workmanship, I hope what you acquire may be enjoyed for many years to come. Beyond just you, we hope your children, nieces, nephews, god daughters and sons will someday inherit them and carry your stories close to their hearts.

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Our blog Textile Stories Asia discusses the significance of motifs and other current issues related to heritage textiles. Enjoy!