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To Mum, With Love

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In the beginning, mum was there. She made breakfast, sang you lullabies and ABCs, beamed with pride when you turned over to start crawling and celebrated your biggest milestone yet: walking.

Then she tried to make you read, taught you to say 'thank you' and 'please' and told you about the ways of the world. You never knew but when she dropped you off at school, a lump always formed in her throat because well, her baby was growing so big!

Teenage life was a great big challenge. There's puberty, classroom politics and homework. You now begin to develop an identity which was a wee bit confusing at times and led to a little rebelling. Some days it was hard to understand her, and vice versa. But Mum only always saw the best in you. 

It was time to be the change you want to see in the world. Adulthood has its magic. Such sweet independence. Though you do get beaten down sometimes. So you pick up the phone and call mum. "I cooked your favourite dish.", she said. You don't even have to tell her anything. She simply knew. 

But even when she doesn't know (because she is human too), Mum will be there. Her presence is close. Mums don't let their kids stray too far. Maybe in distance but never at heart. A silent compass guiding for life. 

Commissioned art piece by watercolour artist  Atie Jaffar for Gypsied. Available in a set with a matching wristlet in A Batik Gift for Mum, $139.90.

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