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The Shades Of Earth Collection

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In this climate of uncertainty, what is natural remain ageless. With the end of the year looming, it is easy to feel drained, low on inspiration and a little unhinged even. After all it has been a long year. Whether on a personal level or in the world outside of ourselves that we have no control over, this was a year of groundbreaking events and of decisions taken that might change the world as we know it. And we are not always so open to change, are we?  

This is a collection to remind you to keep your feet on the ground. Change is a constant and so are we. We are our own constant. So let’s stand firmly. The end of the year is not the end of everything we’ve known in 2016. It is merely a launchpad for the things that are to come.

Our iconic clutches & turbands come in warm & expressive hues this season. The colours and symbols of Earth are apparent on each textile, organically printed using woodblocks, carved in the emblems of the Puspa, Harmoni and Agung prints. This is why we love Batik, its organic nature brings us to the forefront of our human existence: All imperfect, and it is beautiful. In the lines that are dotted and not straight, and the circles that are not complete on each print, that is what we are, and we are complete. 

Every piece is made with love in our studio, using artisanal Batik from the hills of Central Java, home to some of the best Batik in the world. Discover the new collection here.

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