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Setting Intentions

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We like to start the year with intent. While resolutions can be hard to keep up with, setting intentions have a more permanent impact on our lives. Renewing intentions daily or when the going gets tough helps us to remember our purpose and reignite the fire that can easily burn out as we get deeper into the year.

1. Explore more heritage + artisan textiles from Asia
From a recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: A collection of textiles by women of Southern Vietnam.

With the growing awareness of artisan made textiles and their value in culture and heritage, we intend to move our attention beyond batik this year. What we hope to achieve from this journey is a zest to keep discovering, learning and understanding the stories that make Asia home.

2. Cultivating partnerships

Art mimics life. Artisan made textiles are to us the canvas where the intricacies of life are revealed. We hold the artisans we work with in high regard for their unwavering commitment to express themselves through their art, and to hold our generation accountable for the stories of heritage that will define us for years to come. This year we hope to build new relationships and to continue cultivating the relationships we have with existing textile cooperatives. 

3. Launch of Gypsied Canvas

We've been sitting on this for awhile. This year, we are opening our collection of textiles to you. Throughout the 6 years on this textile journey, we have grown a collection of beautiful and meaningful batik. We believe that every piece eventually finds its rightful heir to be loved and cherished — like heirlooms they are meant to be. We are so excited to be able to be the bridge that connects you to the batik expression that inspires you. Stay tuned. 


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