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Creating Consciously

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Earlier last month at a fun and light-hearted lunch meeting, an acquaintance said in passing, “I like the words conscious creations!”.

By that, she was referring to Gypsied’s mantra — Conscious Creations. This made us think again about the words that represent us now, which replaced the initial Live, Love, Laugh we had for some time. 

Gypsied has grown very organically through the years. It began with a simple interest in textile and travel. The marriage of our interests eventually inched us toward the direction of traditional textiles for its valuable provenance. We found the need to cultivate our travel experiences at a more significant level. With textiles at the heart of every culture in every destination, the choice became clear: traditionally made textiles are the answer.

So what is Conscious Creations? Under the umbrella of two words, various meanings can be inferred. Eco-friendly, ethical, fair-trade, sustainable, handmade — the list goes on. 

While we are a little bit of all these things, we are first and foremost people who create from the simple need to bring an idea to life. We all have many ideas on the daily. Ideas on eating healthier, ideas on living better, ideas on how the world could be a better place.

It is therefore exciting to bring an idea to life. An idea that beautifies, that kindles emotion, that inspires. And to acknowledge and understand you through what we make is the icing on the cake. Meaning, we are aware of why we make the clutch, how we make the turbands and who we made our dresses for.

Together with the traditional textiles that we so carefully pick for their stories, techniques and origins from different parts of Asia, we hope to create consciously for the rest of our lives. 

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