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3 Looks With Just 1 Necklace

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Our first loop necklaces are made from hand drawn batik (batik tulis) and their colours are bright and beautiful for the Spring season. Today we get creative and experiment with different styles possible with just one necklace.

The Triple Loop

Alun Loop Necklace, $17.90

Simple & straightforward. Loop the necklace three times around your neck, and it will end just nicely above the chest. Then adjust it as you please. We like the length of the loops to vary a little.  

The Double Loop

Merah Loop Necklace, $17.90

Unless you are really tall, looping the necklace twice around your neck might prove to be too long. Here's another way to create a double loop. Begin by tying a knot at the each end of the necklace. 

These knots will act as a clasp. Simply push one knot through the loop of the other as shown below.

Once the clasp is secure, put the necklace on and you're all set. Lengthen or shorten the loop by adjusting the knots at the end.

The Nautical Knots

This style is the most interesting of the lot, and we imagine it worn this way with something stripe-y.

Once again, begin by tying a knot at each end.

Then, add two more knots to the necklace. You may try to have them equidistant from each other, or at random. We prefer ours with the knots closer to the bottom.

Now push the clasp as was done for the Double Loop style. You will now get a necklace that looks like this.

If you manage to experiment with more looks, please show us with the hashtag #shopgypsied on Instagram. We would love to share them with everyone else! 

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